Week 10

Hey everyone, sorry this update is kind of late, usually I post about my week on the day I get to the next week. Week 10 was Christmas week so I was at my dad’s house up in Northwestern Arizona. It was a pretty uneventful Christmas. Lots of present opening and then we went to … Continue reading

Week 9

Went off pretty normally for this pregnancy. I puked 2-3 times this week and towards the end I caught the cold Omar brought home from work which Stacy acquired, and passed it onto me! Oh joy! The house is a disaster, but the past couple of days I did actually cook food, even if I … Continue reading

Week 8

(12/10/12) Yesterday (Sunday) I puked for the first time. Today wasn’t so bad, but I felt like puking, it just didn’t come. I’m really tired of being constipated. No matter what I do it won’t go away, I even drank an entire bottle of tomato juice and still haven’t gone! I eat the same things as … Continue reading

Week 7

(12/3/12) Well, it’s pretty much gone off without a hitch. I’m still feeling sick all the time, though over the past few days the intensity has decreased to about half the day with sickness vs. all day. All in spurts of course. Morning and night, afternoon, at least 5-6 times each day. Dry heaving. Lovely. … Continue reading