Week 6

For those who don’t know yet, we’re expecing #2 July 2013! (this should come as a real shock to my mom, haha, well, you knew we were trying!)

Week 6 started off without a hitch, I was getting ready for my family to come for Thanksgiving and I was overall feeling pretty great.
A couple of days after Thanksgiving it hit me, slowly but surely, I have morning sickness this time. Which, god-forbid, early-on morning sickness is a sign of having a girl (for you people who decided to jinx me upon discovering we were trying for #2 – yes YOU Kittycat and Carebear). So I’m hoping even harder for another boy.

Background Comparison: At this time in my pregnancy last time (2008), I didn’t even know I was pregnant yet! I found out somewhere between 8-13 weeks and I only had a hint of morning sickness after at least 15 weeks. Then, all “morning sickness” was was puking bile as I tried to brush my teeth in the morning!

The past 3-4 days has been especially crappy, I wake up in the morning and feel sick so I go back to bed. I wake up after going back to sleep and I’m up for a couple of hours and then the sickness hits really bad, so I go back to bed! I wish that I liked my bed alot more…

Yesterday I discovered that the only thing that really wants to stay down is ice cream. Today I overdid it on the ice cream. -sigh-
Hopefully fajitas and tacos agree with me, since that’s what we’re eating for the next week… Maybe some steak with mushrooms, I don’t know what I’m going to cook, or if I’m going to feel up to cooking.

Other than that, the baby is the size of a sunflower seed, I can’t fit into my jeans, and my face looks terrible, even with makeup.
(the ugly-looking part is also supposed to be a sign of having a girl. -enter choking death sound here-)

Welcome to my unassisted pregnancy.
That means no doctors or midwives, and I’ve pretty much decided just no “monitoring” whatsoever.


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